Ford Ka - water in front footwell - easy fix!

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Our 02 plate Ford Ka Collection has been fairly reliable to date having had her from new back in 2002. One problem which has been bothering us for a while, is water somehow getting in the front passenger and drivers side footwells.

Having ruled out rainwater leaking in, we noticed after we had been using the air conditioning for long periods of time, water would pour out of the aircon unit under the central console.

There is a really simple fix which just about anyone should be able to manage. Here's what to do:

Gather together the 'tools' for the job: a small bucket and a bicycle foot pump or similar then follow the 
simple steps to fix the problem:

Step 1: Peel back the carpet in the front passenger side footwell. Start on the left by the passenger door, pulling the carpet firmly towards you, work your way round to the middle of the centre console.
(note the flexible rubber drain pipe on the right hand side):
step 1 - peel back the carpet

Step 2: Where the pipe disappears into the floor of the car, give it a yank and it will come out - be ready with the bucket in case some water comes out - don't worry, its clean water - condensate from the air cooled by the aircon unit.
Step 2 - yank the pipe out the floor

Step 3: Get the foot pump ready and shove it firmly up the pipe. Pump by hand two or three times - you'll hear water bubbling away as you do so:
:Step 3 - shove the pump up the pipe

Step 4: Get ready with the bucket again, and remove the pump. About half a pint of water came out of our car into the bucket, along with a load of mud-like stuff which had been blocking things up.
Step 4 - remove the pump and collect the water

Step 5: Shove the pipe back into the floor of the car and re-fit the carpet - Job Done!
Step 5 - put the pipe back in and refit the carpet 

Job done!
Thanks for looking :-)